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Convert forms, invoices, patient records and other critical business documents to high-quality images quickly and efficiently. Capture critical index data and automatically deliver it to databases and applications. Get powerful, flexible batch capture functionality in desktop to high-volume production capture environments. With Capture Pro Software you can

  • Enhance your productivity with advanced indexing capabilities and dual stream scanning
  • Cut costs for manual data entry/indexing by using Database Lookup to validate or populate fields
  • Use mark detection to process simple surveys and other checkbox forms
  • Enhance data integrity with double data entry indexing
  • Reduce time and cost for image review and correction via Intelligent Quality Control
  • Output to dozens of other systems
  • Be up and running right away with included start-up assistance and software assurance
Features & Benefits
  • Simplify scanning
  • Automate indexing
  • Maximize connectivity
  • Expand value
Make your paper powerful!
Paper. It's not going away. You have forms, documents, records and much more. Simply put, Kodak Capture Pro Software makes your paper productive by streamlining the process of transforming paper into information. Quickly convert batches of paper into high-quality images. Capture and index critical data and deliver it to databases, applications and people automatically. Send smarter information to ECM systems and Microsoft SharePoint with extensive integration to streamline workflow and processes. From desktop to high-volume operations, Capture Pro Software scales beautifully according to your needs.
Simplify scanning
Optimize image quality automatically

Intelligent Quality Control automatically flags questionable images and optimizes image quality without rescanning. Auto orients, crops, and deskews images.

Save time with one-scan/dual-stream output

Scan once and get color/bitonal, or grayscale/bitonal images. Enhance OCR from B&W images while retaining color images for archiving.

One capture solution that grows with your needs

From desktop to distributed to high-volume environments, it's ideally scalable. Plus you benefit from one familiar interface for Kodak Scanners and those from other manufacturers. Support in 17 GUI languages and 126 OCR languages.

Simplify Scanning with these features
Automate indexing
Protect your data integrity with double data entry indexing

And guard against entry errors.

Index faster with drag-and-drop OCR

And speed operations with zonal OCR/MICR, 1D and 2D barcodes, and indexing for up to 999 fields.

Process surveys and other checkmark forms

Flexible mark detection accurately detects marks in specified zones and populates corresponding index fields with results.

Maximize connectivity

Select output for SharePoint

Choose SharePoint destination

Create index fields from SharePoint columns

Speed interaction with ECM systems and SharePoint

Comprehensive integration and complete connectivity with multiple ECM solutions, SharePoint, and secure FTP. Standard interface, ability to import SharePoint index configurations directly into Capture Pro Software, multiple column types, and more.

Automatically import document images from your network
Improve accuracy and productivity from output

No need to scan - continuously import and process document images. Send batch statistics to databases.

Boost indexing speed and accuracy

Streamlined database lookup also assures captured index fields are correct.

PDF options for any need

Searchable PDF, encrypted/protected PDF, PDF-A, compressed color PDF, PDF bookmarks, fast Web view and others.

Maximize Connectivity with these features >
Expand value
Optimize your return on investment

Keep cost low and predictable with a simple perpetual licensing model and no per click or volume charges.

Benefit from familiar user interfaces

Save training cost with one familiar interface for all your scanners while avoiding complications and inconsistencies via shared settings for multiple users.

Optimize Productivity

Reduce cost by utilizing a host of productivity tools, such as database lookup, intelligent quality control, mark detection, advanced SharePoint setup, and much more.

Leverage investment in systems and databases

Integrate with your existing ECM Systems and databases through simplified integration capabilities.

Broaden input options

Leverage your investment in MFP's and other document image sources by utilizing Auto Import edition to bring images into your capture environment.

Solutions from a single source

Benefit by working with one trusted supplier for all your complete capture solution. Only Kodak Alaris can be your single source for scanners, software, support and services

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