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As an organisation who believes in the paperless office, jEyLaBs professes our solutions derive from “smart Intelligent Process Automation”. For this to be successful, we deliver daily, deliver quick wins, and ensure both the business and end-users buy into our solutions. jEyLaBs proposes end- to- end BI Solution using PowerBI which provides a facility to connect all the existing systematic layers i.e. SQL Server Stored Procedures, Business Objects Universe. PowerBI has proven to be a valuable data reviewing funnel for presenting the insights of the business in a much more interactive and customized manner.

How many times in the past few months, you wished you could see relations between different data trends in more than one way? Are you still waiting on your development team to create that dashboard you asked for last month? Did you ever wonder getting your dashboards onto business executives' phones could be a lot easier? Well, your wishes have finally come true. Welcome to the new way of converting your data into business insights in no time with Microsoft Power BI.
Supply Business Intelligence Platform
It is paramount to get useful insights of the market in order to grow which profoundly influences the manager’s plan and strategies. Especially when the project has a price constrain factor attached to it then taking sound data based decision becomes the part and parcel for the organization. PowerBI is much more advance, customizable, user friendly and modern than existing reporting tools like Jasper Reports, MOM, SSRS, Crystal Reports and Oracle Reports as it provides interactive platform for the user of all the levels in the organization.
Implement the new platform & transition from the current databases and analytic tools and infrastructure to the new platform
Currently Stanwell is using old version of SQL server which now has some constrains in regards to fetching the data and presenting it. However, we suggest to upgrade the server to SQL server 2016 and also suggest PowerBI for reviewing front end funnel tool which will connect with both the Semantic layer i.e. SQL Server Stored Procedure & Business object universe. We can also use Azure as our systematic layer to make the data models, relationships calculation for ease of reporting and real time. View will be developed keeping in mind the business logic and will be fetched by Power BI is much more advance than the following,

  • Jasper Reports for Ellipse
  • MOM Reports for Movex
  • SSRS 2012 for Mondelio
  • Crystal Reports for Safe Systems of Work
  • Orale Reporting for Primavera.
Test and Validate new platform

We can develop a test script which will validate the result of the current BI architecture to the proposed architecture and can also present effective data migration form the data sources by following proper ETL process.

Train users and provision training material

Once SQL servers are replaced by new SQL Server 2016 and PowerBI will replace SSRS, Crystal reporting and MOM reporting and even Primavera. We can provide a few days training sessions to the users using Power BI and can also provide detailed manuals describing each visualization chart in PowerBI and changes done in Business Intelligence Platform along with the server changes,

Training Session will include,

  • Introduction to PowerBI and its capability
  • Connecting with all the systematic layers
  • Ability to create your own customised graphs according to dynamic need
  • Easily create reports that combine business system and workflow data.

Get Powerful Insights to your organisation's business data NOW!
Power BI can bring data from a variety of data sources including your social media, SAP, Office 365, SharePoint, Excel and your in-house SQL databases. This allows you to create visual representations of data that can be used to setup meaningful dashboards. You can deliver these to your business users with no additonal effort. Anyone with access to these dashboards can ask questions in your business lingo to find insights hidden in that data. Power BI uses a Natural language syntax to query the backend to get better insights and visual correlations instantly for you.

The exciting thing is, all your dashboards and reports are now readily available on mobile devices via the Power BI mobile app. You do not need to purchase an app or spend time and money on app development. Why not discuss how Power BI can change the way you see your business insights?

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